Saturday, December 20, 2014

Automation In Your Phoenix Scottsdale Home With Nest Thermostat


I'm impressed at the speed at which new home-related technology is being introduced in the market for your home, from internet wireless antennas built into your AC outlets, to automatic watering systems, wireless flat screen televisions, wireless streaming music systems, automated alarm and camera systems, to the feature this month... automation in thermostats to control your HVAC system like the Nest Thermostat now integrated with Google Now.

It's a neat trick and an awesome feature. Open up Google Now on Android or the Google app on iOS and tell Google to set your Nest Thermostat to 70 degrees. If you do that, Google Now will recognize you're talking about the Nest smart thermostat and will adjust the temperature in your home. Once that's done controlling the temperature at home is as easy as saying, "Ok Google."

If Google Now can detect when you're close to home, for example, Nest can more accurately adjust its schedule to suit you. Google Now will ping your thermostat and get your home prepared for your arrival. When this happens a Google Now card will show up on your devices to alert you to what's going on.

How cool is that? One day, I expect technology will such that as soon as you walk into your home, you'll open-talk to your house and say things like "Computer, turn on the lights in master bedroom, play New Orleans jazz in kitchen, turn on the TV to channel 43, start my shower, turn up the AC to 72, make me a cup of coffee...."

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Service For Life December 2014 Business Of The Month


Service For Life Magazine Dec 2014 Business of the Month is Cuisine With Chef Christine LLC!

Free Chef Christine recipe down below...!

Business Of The Month:

Type: Personal Chef & Caterer for Corporate and


Who: Christine Krueger        

Description: I'm a Personal Chef and Caterer for Corporate Functions and Events as well as Personal Parties for Client's in their Homes. I'm passionate about serving! I hold my Culinary Arts Degree from Scottsdale Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu and am licensed and insured. I take care of all the preparation, serving, clearing and clean up!

Contact: Phone 480-390-6980 - Visit:

Click here for your free recipe from Chef Christine

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

My Service For Life December Newsletter Is Now Available!

Full of useful information about good living, health and wealth. Now with a Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate Market Update! 

Find out if you would pass the mental institution test.... not to be committed....

Learn about the Business Of The Month, and get a free treat...

Learn why you should not use your smartphone to pay for your bills....

Win movie tickets....

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Is Your Home Dressed To Sell? Just Like A Date...


Look at it this way - would you go on a first-time date you have been waiting for without making yourself... more presentable and marketable?

Would you go out on a date with a few missing teeth, bad breath, badly dressed, hair messed up, dirty and smelly with half a shoe on? Likely not....unless you really don't want to make a good impression and get turned down by your date. But you do want to make the right impression, right?

Well, the same principles apply to your home as you put it up for sale. Consider each buyer as the first-time date you have been waiting for - presenting it the best you can under its best conditions in all its splendor.

Yet, as  real estate agent, I walk into homes for sale that are smelly, dirty, in bad condition with missing grout, tired paint, and such and generally messed up. And I can assure you that's not the way to impress buyers to write you any offer, and far from getting the best terms and conditions.

So my recommendation is for you to find a competent and savvy real estate agent that will review your home, show you the ways, and provide you with the guidance and advice to make your home look the best - dressing it to sell. Each buyer is like a new date....

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Water Heaters in Arizona Up To 15 years? And Tankless Heaters?


Here's a question that comes up with my clients all the time.

Water heaters. You see, water heaters in Arizona can typically last anywhere from 8 to 15 years depending on the maintenance you provide. That's right... do you do any maintenance on your water heater? Probably not. If not, you are the eight year type.

If so, you can get usually about 15 years out of it.

So when we purchase a home, we see new water heaters that have been replaced and older water heaters that work perfectly well. And yet, we see it in our home inspection reports "water heater nearing the end of its life cycle" and yet, it will last another eight years....

So... water heaters can last upwards of 15 years with.....proper maintenance. That's right. Without that care, they last about 8 to 9 years top, typically they start leaking, in the worst of places, usually starting with a rusting issue. Once a heater starts leaking, or rusting, it needs replacing.

So here's a few tips from your favorite real estate agent...

Once a year, test the pressure relief valve on your water heater and replace it if it works improperly. The valve is supposed to keep pressure from building up inside the water heater and causing an explosion. When you raise the lever on the valve, you should hear water running out the drain line. If so, your valve is OK. But if your test lever won’t go up or won’t reset after you raise it or if you don’t hear water running, call a plumber, a competent handyman or your contractor. If you have owned a water heater many years and have never tested the valve, it might be too corroded to test. Call a plumber, a competent handyman or your contractor.

By the way, if you don't have any of them... call me, I have the best in the valley.

At least once a year, drain the water out of the tank to remove sediment.

Every two to five years replace the sacrificial anode rod inside the water heater. This metal rod -- that unscrews from an opening on top of the water heater -- is designed to deteriorate in order to protect other exposed metals in the tank. Rods generally last two to five years. Once they get corroded, they can’t do their job and the heating element deteriorates.

What about Tankless Water Heaters, you say?

Well, they are the hottest item in home improvements right now as tankless water heaters have been growing in popularity. They have been around for many years now - a fully tested technology.

You see, they’re about the size of a briefcase and can quickly produce hot water in your house when you need it. It doesn’t happen instantly; you do have to run the water a little before hot water comes out. But they don’t leak the way that traditional water heaters do. A tankless unit, with high-powered burners that can be fueled by gas or electricity, can last 20 years!

My clients  love them because getting rid of that old water heater frees up so much storage space, they are a hot item in home renovations because they use little space and they also save energy as most if not all are Energy Star rated!

So you heard it here...

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cool Fall/Winter House Fix-Ups To Lighten Up Your Life

Cool Fall/Winter House Fix-Ups To Lighten Up Your Life

Here's a few cool and fun tips that really adds up from the old-school stuff.

Almost every home has GFCI outlets for safety purposes. Those letters, of course, stand for “ground fault circuit interrupter.” It’s an electrical outlet that prevents someone from being shocked in a kitchen or bath if an appliance plugged in an outlet malfunctions or gets wet. There are usually the outlets with the very small green stickers on them.

•  Now you can buy GFCIs with built-in mini-night-lights. Having an all-in-one night-light plus GFCI means you’ll have more plug-in spaces available for other devices. If you are taking out a GFCI to install one of these new lights, be sure that the new outlet you install is also a GFCI or you could shut down some of the protection system in a kitchen or bath.

•  Is it sometimes hard to find an outlet in a room where you can plug in your cellphone? Some new outlets now let you charge your smartphone and sometimes a laptop without even using an adaptor. You simply plug into vertical USB ports in these receptacles that can also have traditional plug holes. How cool is that?

These devices have a smart chip that recognizes and optimizes the charging power of your phone or laptop. You can charge two phones or computers simultaneously. These charging slots are available on GFCIs as well as on standard receptacles.

•  Also think about installing motion sensor lighting -- outdoor lights that come on in your yard anytime someone walks up to the house can increase safety and security. At the hardware store, you can buy a standard motion sensor fixture to replace almost any lighting fixture on the exterior of your home. Buy a sturdy metal fixture -- not a plastic one that will crack in Arizona’s dry heat.

You can install these devices by yourself provided you educate yourself a little bit about the basics of electricity and use some safety devices like voltage detectors or testers. But don’t hesitate to call an electrician if you don’t feel up to the job.

The No. 1 rule to remember: Before installing any new outlet or receptacle you have to turn off the circuit breaker for the area of the outlet at the electrical panel for your home. Then use a voltage tester to ensure power is off. Otherwise, it shall coma to as a shock to you....After removing the outlet cover plate, poke the tester against the wires inside to double-check that the power is off.

#Cool Fall/WinterHouseFix-Ups

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Curb Appeal To Sell

Curb Appeal - The #1 Item To Make Your Home Marketable & Sell


The Curb appeal of your home is the #1 feature of your home that makes it more marketable, and eventually making it sell. It makes a first good impression, which sets the tone at the outset. It makes the most significant impact on the marketability of the home.

So, how to go about this? Here the ways to give your house a fresh new marketable look:

Replace or refinish your front door: When you first bought your house, you really loved that majestic wooden front door. But now it’s looking a little dull due to exposure to the Arizona sun. It needs to be sanded down and refinished. Consider changing the color of the stain for a whole new look to the front of your home! A new decent front door at a major hardware retailer is $500 to $1,000, which can bring back more than that in an offer on your property.

Replace the old hardware on your front door and possibly replace the lighting fixtures: Once you have that good as new door, you want to replace the old, chipped hardware as well. Don’t look for the cheapest door handle and deadbolt lock. And get one with a finish that will last a long time in the Arizona sun. As well, you need to match the light fixtures with the the door hardware.
New windows: If the windows in the front of your home are shabby, replace them as well. You don’t have to change every room in the house if you can’t afford it. Do the ones out front and do the rest later when your budget will allow it. Some studies show replacing all your windows with midrange aluminum-clad wood models can recoup most of that investment if you sell your house. And make those window vendors compete for your business. In this case, it pays to shop.

Install new outdoor lighting:  Redo the lighting for your yard and the front of your house, preferably by installing new LED fixtures. Path lights with LED bulbs come with the bulbs inside just as halogen systems do. These lights are 2 watts each and give off about as much light as a 20-watt incandescent or halogen bulb. Using LEDs will cast a kind of warm glow that will make your home look more inviting. LEDs will cost more, but they will pay for themselves with the savings on electricity.

Replace your old cracked driveway or sidewalks with concrete pavers:  I’m a big fan of pavers because they are so permanent. They’re also easy to change out if a few of them get cracked or stained. Usually, you have to tear out the old driveway and walkway first, but sometimes you can do it without the demo. If that sounds more up your alley, check out Belgard's overlay pavers!

Cover an older home or the older part of the home with stucco:  If you have a home built in the 1960s or 1970s with wood panel siding and brick or stone trim, you can get a completely new, desert-style look by covering the whole house with stucco. The siding and brick don’t have to be removed, but the vertical trim pieces that hold the siding together at corners and joints do have to be removed. Then the stucco is applied with pop-out trim framing around the windows.


Cars parked in the driveway. Nothing gives a bad impression to the curb appeal than a bunch of cars parked in the driveway. The driveway should be clear of cars, and the cars should be in the garage.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Service For Life Magazine November Edition Business Of The Month

#ServiceForLife MagazineNovember BusinessOfTheMonth

As published in Richard Bazinet's November 2014 Service For Life Newsletter...

Read now: Read Now in PDF or download...

Business Of The Month…

All Business Card Directory  -

Type: Business networking – reach your customers.

Who: Tim Scarpino C.E.O    

Description: Whether you’re in B-2-B or B-2-C sales, the mantra is the same: people do business with people, not businesses. Looking for an economical way to reach new, local customers? If you answer yes to this important question, benefit from becoming an Premium Member.

Contact: Join by visiting; 702-343-2908;

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News Alert: Your Free November Phoenix Scottsdale Digital Service For Life Magazine Is Now Live!

News Alert: Your Free November Phoenix Scottsdale Digital Service For Life Magazine Is Now Live!


Now available live! Full of useful information about good living, health and wealth. Now with a Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate Market Update!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today's New Mortgages From No Down 100% Financing To Full Protection

#Today'sNewMortgagesFromNoDown 100% Financing To Full Protection

Today's industry of mortgage loans from competent lenders is a myriad of new creative products that sure make your home purchase process easier on your wallet.

From 'qualified' mortgage loans prior to writing your real estate purchase contract on your next purchase to full protection for your real estate financing with a $10,000 protection insurance to cover your out-of-pocket expenses, to No Down Payment loans for 100% financing.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Today's New Mortgages From No Down 100% Financing To Full Protection

Monday, October 27, 2014

Smart Phoenix Scottsdale Homes


You know you can equip your house with a lot of the latest tech stuff. For example, you can close or open your garage door via an app on your phone and turn down the A/C as you drive home from anywhere. You can turn interior lights on, monitor and engage your security system, see who's ringing the door bell while you are in Europe.

It’s all part of a smart-home revolution, introducing us to new electronic improvements at a fast pace. Here's a list of some of devices that are dropping in price and increasing in availability. Many of the new items can be installed yourself .

Wi-Fi/smart thermostats – As you probably already know, you can have electronic thermostats in your home to let you turn on the heat or the air conditioning from your car or your office on a phone, pc or a tablet. These “stats” come with at many price levels; the best ones seem to be priced from $250 to $300.

Electronic door locks – These locks can make doors easy to open in-person or at a distance using a smart phone, tablet or computer. Several manufacturers have produced deadbolts that automatically lock or unlock when a four-digit user code is entered. Temporary pass codes can be given to visitors, family, and neighbors and then erased later. No more fumbling in your pocket or purse for a key. The basic cost can be about $120 to $200 for each device. There is no hard-wiring; they run on batteries. If the batteries die, there is a backup key-way.

Home security cameras – You can set these up on or near a doorway to alert you via your phone or tablet when someone is at your door or when there is movement inside a room of your house when it’s supposed to be empty. It’s also a way to tell if your kids got home safely from school or the housecleaners arrived. You might also want one in a room where your children are playing or doing homework so you can check on them from a home office. You can rerun the footage later to see what activity happened during the day at your house. Cost of the devices range from $150 to $200 but there can be an annual fee.

Parental control devices – You can program TVs, video games and other devices to play for a set amount of time each day. A child gets a pass code, and once he or she enters the code, a countdown timer begins. When the timer hits zero, the device shuts off. Most of these devices are already available in your cable system or your new flat-screen TV. It’s just a matter of getting out the manuals, reading them and using the right remote control.

Closing and opening the garage door – You can spend $150 to almost $300 on a garage door opener with smart phone capabilities so that you can open or close that door from almost anywhere. You can even get alerts electronically whenever the status of your garage door changes. Those prices don’t include installation.

If any smart-house devices are grabbing your attention, you need to do some serious research before you buy. Because the overall technology is still new, go online and check out all the comments about what can go right – or wrong with the equipment you are about to buy. There may be some drawbacks to many devices that you should know about. For example, some comments online say it can be hard to program those smart deadbolt locks with your code. Other buyers complained that there were too many alerts and alarms with the video cameras. Every time the dog walked by in the living room, their smart phones went “Ping.”

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Smart Phoenix Scottsdale Homes

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Free Consumer October Newsletter Is Here!

Just in case you missed it, my free consumer October newsletter is available!

Full of useful information about good living, health and wealth.

Now with a Phoenix Scottsdale market Update!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate Market Update

#PhoenixScottsdaleReal EstateMarketUpdate

October 11/14 update from last month:

The number of homes sold ↓ 1.7%
Day on the market ↓ 3.5%
The average price is about $244,239 ↓ 1.8%
The number of homes for sale ↓ 1.6%

October 11/14 update from last rolling year:

The number of homes sold ↓ 0.5%
Day on the market ↑ 38%
The average price is about $244,239 ↑ 3.6%
        The number of homes for sale ↑ 17%

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Where Does Arizona Gets Its Water?

Where Does Arizona Gets Its Water?

As a Phoenix Scottsdale real estate agent, I get this question all the time both from my newcomer clients to our great state and my local clients as well.

Since we live in the desert with more than 350 days of sunshine per year, and hot temperatures, this is a good question to ask.

I don't mean to give you a technical dissertation about how this is done, but here's the short of it.

From Underground Water Storage Reservoirs. We have developed underground water recharge facilities to ensure a reliable and adequate water supply. Precipitation and run-offs from the mountains contribute to the storage of water.

The Canal System. The Colorado River serves as a viable supplement to the water system.

Water Rights from the Salt River watershed.

Conservation Programs to help reduce the water consumption.

In most areas of the county, when you purchase a home, you are assured of a 100-year water supply.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Where Does Arizona Gets Its Water?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Arizona Pool Covers, Great For Safety & Money Saver

Arizona Pool Covers, Great For Safety & Money Saver

Sometimes caring for your Arizona pool is more than you anticipated, and perhaps more expensive than you thought. After all, a body of surface water is not a natural thing in Arizona. 

Only a very small group of people actually swim in their pools all the time, maybe 5 to 6 times per year. And from my experience as a Phoenix Scottsdale real estate agent, is that 50% of homeowners like pools while the other half don't. 

On top of the expenses which often total about $3,000 a year for maintaining a pool, homeowners have to face the safety issue involved with pools. 

Many pool owners depend on fences around their pools to keep children from using the pool when an adult isn’t around. But the truth is that fences can fall into disrepair; children are also capable of climbing fences when no one is there to stop them. 

So a really secure pool cover, particularly one with fasteners that anchor into the pool decking, can help keep those worries off your mind.

Solar pool covers can be made to fit not only the pool but can also cover all the steps and water features connected with the pool. 

But solar covers quickly pay for themselves. They can slow down on evaporation and reduce water bills. With a covered pool, you won’t need to run the pump as often and you will save on buying chemicals. According to the U.S. Energy Department, a solar pool cover can reduce heating costs by from 50 to 70 percent.

Although pool covers come in several colors, dark green appears to be the best for energy efficiency, because it appears they absorb more sunlight.

For those who want to keep swimming regularly, a solar cover will also help keep heat collected from the sun in your pool. As fall comes, the cover will keep your pool at 80 degrees for several more weeks than is usually the case – without using your heater.  In the spring, you can start using your pool sooner and use your heater less.

Also, pool covers are essential if you’re planning to put your pool into “hibernation” for a couple of weeks to six months or more. 

For example, if you’re thinking of selling your home in a year or so, you can keep that pool covered up until just before putting it on the market when you want to clean it up and make it look attractive for buyers. Just make sure to keep the leaves and other debris swept off the top of the pool cover.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Arizona Pool Covers, Great For Safety & Money Saver

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Paulson: Buying a house still best investment


From CNBC News.
Billionaire money manager John Paulson believes buying a home to live in is the best investment possible.
"I still think, from an individual perspective, the best deal investment you can make is to buy a primary residence that you're the owner-occupier of," Paulson said Wednesday at the Delivering Alpha conference presented by CNBC and Institutional Investor.
[Click on image for the interview]

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate
Paulson: Buying A House Still Best Investment

Mountain Living in Phoenix Scottsdale


The true southwest living in Phoenix Scottsdale offers spectacular unique mountain living opportunities and vistas not found anywhere else. You'll find them mostly in Cave Creek, Carefree, Scottsdale, Troon, Mesa, Fountain Hills, and Paradise Valley.

You can find love at first sight.

You know the saying when it comes to real estate - location, location, location. It's not unusual for buyer-clients to call me and to ask specifically to find them a great home with great panoramic views of mountains or a home on a hillside of one of our mountains where the mountain becomes part of your home.

You see, for Arizona residents, the outstanding views and proximity to the stars make life near the mountains the true meaning of desert living.

The variety of homes is great. From luxurious homes that show quality and diligence throughout from deep-set windows, stone-lined arches, cantera doors and columns, flooring of wood planks and views, views, views... to more modest homes with awesome views not found elsewhere - there are homes for almost every budget. Really.

So when you are ready for the best desert mountain view home lifestyle you can get, and watch the peacefulness of it all or and the storms roll in, you can reach me at my coordinates and we'll get your Arizona desert mountain living dream underway.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale

Mountain Living in Phoenix Scottsdale

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What's The Real Value Of Your Home - Phoenix Scottsdale

What's The Real Value Of Your Home - Phoenix Scottsdale

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale

What's The Real Value Of Your Home - Phoenix Scottsdale

Monday, July 14, 2014

Think You Need A Large Down Payment? Think Again

Think You Need A Large Down Payment? Think Again

I don't think I need to mention that now is the time to purchase your home in Phoenix Scottsdale - while we are in the eye of the storm.

But many of you are overestimating the down payment they need in order to purchase a home. Need at least 15%?  Nope. 

Many home buyers often can qualify for a conforming, conventional mortgage with a down payment of as little as 5 percent — and sometimes even 3 percent. That's right.

Freddie Mac’s purchases of mortgages with down payments of less than 10 percent more than quadrupled. So far in 2014, more than one in five borrowers who took out conforming, conventional mortgages put down 10 percent or less.

So, what to know more? 602-300-7007 is all you need to get started and I'll connect you with one of my preferred lenders. There is no cost for your mortgage loan evaluation and to get you into your the house of your dreams.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Think You Need A Large Down Payment? Think Again

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Is Your Phoenix Scottsdale Smoke Alarm Up To Code?

Is Your Phoenix Scottsdale Smoke Alarm Up To Code?

This article is orignally written by by STEVEN BOEHLE on JULY 7, 2014 for the ArizonA Association of Realtors

The Phoenix Fire Code provides that a residential homeowner may utilize a battery operated smoke alarm in their home.  However, a recent amendment (ordinance G-5898-2014; effective April 18, 2014), provides that battery operated smoke alarms must be replaced with a UL listed smoke alarm with a sealed 10-year lithium battery.  Additionally, smoke alarms are not allowed to be used longer than 10 years from the date of manufacture.  Accordingly, if a smoke alarm is older than 10 years and/or needs to be replaced, the smoke alarm must be replaced with a UL listed smoke alarm with a sealed 10-year lithium battery.

Note:  Other cities may have different fire code requirements.  Accordingly, if you live outside of Phoenix should check their city’s fire code requirements. 
Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Is Your Phoenix Scottsdale Smoke Alarm Up To Code?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Nation that Captured a Dream - Real Estate

#A Nation that Captured a Dream - Real Estate

Two hundred and thirty-eight years ago, this July 4th, a new nation was conceived, different from all others — a nation that could and would capture the imagination of the world for centuries to come…a nation that captured a dream.

As a professional real estate agent in Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona, I dedicate my professional life to helping those around me help achieve one part of the dream, the right to own property. But today, helping my fellow Americans achieve that dream is not always easy.

Facing a less than robust economy, lending restrictions and growing concerns in regards to both regulatory and legislative reform, my work is challenging. But I am persistent, creative, and resourceful with my ongoing efforts to protect the right of property ownership, and to ensure access to achieve property ownership. But I believe with all my heart, that it is my American duty to do so.

As your professional real estate agent for Phoenix Scottsdale, I may not serve in uniform but I serve America and her people in a different and profound way.

That's the American way for me.

This July 4th, I am proud to be an American, and I feel a sense of particular pride in what I professionally do as a real estate agent, and feel a sense of duty in promoting and protecting that which our forefathers 238 years ago envisioned as one of the key elements of this new nation. In doing so, I want to help generations of future Americans realize an important part of that “American” dream. 

Have a great 4th!

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

A Nation that Captured a Dream - Real Estate

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona, Vacation, Resort, Second, Winter & Golf Homes

#Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona, Vacation, Resort, Second, Winter & Golf Homes

Now is the best time to plan your purchase of your Arizona vacation, resort, or golf home. For one, it's before the traditional rush in September and October, and then the best available homes are on the market right now, there are less shoppers thus less competition, thus the best deals with motivated sellers to net you more dollars.

Phoenix Scottsdale is "the" destination of choice with Scottsdale and Fountain Hills the best choices. Think resort "lifestyle".

We have an intimate understanding of the Arizona vacation home options, best locations, gold courses, maintenance costs, rental potential and local amenities. We can help you explore various revenue streams as an income property (for underused homes). You should also consider remodels and dramatic staging to attract renters. Well appointed properties attract the high rent and high paying tenants. Thus more income opportunities and you will see your asset grow in value with income to boot.

We can help you though the complete process - end-to-end. 

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate.. Your vacation and golf home specialist.

Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona, Vacation, Resort, Second & Golf Homes

Friday, June 20, 2014

Scottsdale: #1 City To Raise Children. Chandler Is 4th

#Scottsdale (Arizona): #1 City To Raise Children. Chandler Is 4th

It's official. According to a study by 'mylife' about the The Ten Best Cities To Raise Children; Scottsdale Arizona is the number ONE city.

Chandler Arizona came in 4th.

The ranking is based on the following categories: Crime, Public School Ranking, Public Parks per Capita, Average Family Salary, and Cost of Living.

You can review the study here.

So, when you are ready to move to Scottsdale or Chandler and live the good life with or without children, I'll be delighted to help find and purchase your best new home.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Scottsdale (Arizona): #1 City To Raise Children. Chandler Is 4th

Monday, June 16, 2014

Wild West Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona Retro 1955-1960

#WildWestPhoenixScottsdale Retro 1955-1960

It's the wild wild west in Phoenix Scottsdale Arizona. Not that long ago.

I remember going to the general store in at Pima & Pinnacle Peak in the 90's by horseback. 

This photo to the right is from 1955.

Enjoy the attached photos as we reminisce some of those times that still linger in our southwest. 

This one to the left was taken in 1960.

Now look at us today - the 5th largest metro in the nation.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

#Wild West Phoenix Scottsdale Retro 1955-1960

Friday, June 13, 2014

Financing Arizona Vacation, Golf & Second Homes

#FinancingArizonaVacationGolf&Second Homes

It's no secret that Arizona is THE destination for vacation, golf and second homes. And financing is readily available for those vacation homes or for investment properties. In all sizes and values, even for million + dollar homes.

Of course, the loans rules may be a tad different, as well as the rates, than the purchase of a primary residence, but nothing that can stop you. Basically, you can generally get a vacation, investment or second home mortgage loan just like your primary residence loan. And this also means a down payment, as low as 10%. But with 20%, rates get even better.

So what's a vacation or second home? Homes that a homeowner does not live in year around, but also does not rent out. These homes generally have to be in a different metropolitan area then where the homeowner lives primarily. For instance, if you own a primary residence in New York, you may call a home in Phoenix Scottsdale a second home. 

An investment property is a tad different because you will be renting it out. Down payment can be as low as 15%, but 20% is generally better to avoid mortgage insurance.

This is just the basic approach to finance your purchase of second, vacation, golf homes as well as investment properties ion Arizona. In the current marketplace, these mortgage products are making a comeback in a smart and sensible way and can be a good option for any homeowner who is looking to purchase an additional home for vacation, or to add in the investment portfolio.

So when you are ready, feel free to contact me so we can get you the best possible scenario so I may connect you to one of my preferred mortgage lenders.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Financing Arizona Vacation, Golf & Second Homes

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Selling An Unusual Home in Phoenix Scottsdale

#Selling An Unusual Home in Phoenix Scottsdale

Homes with unique features. Here's an interesting question or situation that I must address with clients from time to time.  Although I can often resolve or remediate this, it can pose some significant challenges when those types of homes have to sell, but typically those homes are potentially hard to sell.

But there are exceptions. More on that later.

You see, the mainstream buyer's idea of the American home is a four-bedroom, 2-bathroom, 2-car garage, 1,800/2,000 sf house with a good functional floor plan and a neutral decor.

But many homes don't fit that mold. I'm talking about house with the converted garage into a bedroom or a pool room, the gigantic railroad track & village that completely covers the entire backyard (and the pool acting as the lake), the kitchen with diminished or no appliances, and a bedroom turned closet or merged into another or anything decor related such a the interior looking like a medieval castle or an Italian palace from Caesar's era, wood paneling in the family room or colors and finishes from the sixties Jetson-style that explode at you.

Homes such as these don't necessarily fit the mold in the real estate world, despite the fact that the seller really believes that those unique features is a big benefit to the potential buyer.

Unique features are usually a big negative for the buyers. Why? It takes the exact right buyer, like a needle in a haystack - and that buyer may not exist, rather than your average American buyer. So these houses sit on the market for a long time, with price decreases - which makes the seller upset because they spent some much effort and resources into it.

Ok, lets talk about the exceptions of unusual homes. Luxury properties with luxurious upgrades such as theater rooms with specialized media equipment, maid quarters, gourmet cook kitchens, 6+-car garages, resort like backyards, outdoor kitchens, wine cellars, exercise/massage dedicated rooms, stone walls, hand carved doors, negative edge pools, panoramic windows, spectacular architectural features difficult and impossible to replicate, etc... those homes have their place with buyers in this category of home, although not for your typical buyer.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

Selling An Unusual Home in Phoenix Scottsdale

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May Edition Of My Newsletter Is Now Available

My newsletter about Insider Tips for Healthy, Wealthy and Happy Living in Arizona is now available.

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#March Edition of Service For Life Now Available

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Scottsdale Private Sale - Gorgeous Luxury Waterfront Single Level on Lake Serena in Las Brisas

#Scottsdale Private Home Sale

Gorgeous Luxury 2BR/2BA/+ Den|Office|3rd Bedroom/2-Car Garage Waterfront Single Family House on Lake Serena in Las Brisas - Scottsdale, Arizona for $997,500.

You will not find this one on the MLS. This is an exclusive! Private Sale.

Ideal if you want one of the best properties on lake Serena in Scottsdale and want to impress. Located in the famous guard gated community of Las Brisas, this home is a gorgeous unique single level Waterfront Luxury Home on the LAKE Serena with awesome Mountain Views. It features a welcoming lush/private front courtyard entry with a spectacular & tall iron front door; a large rotunda foyer; soaring arched 15' windows with views of the lake & mountains; a great room; a large den with a kiva fireplace; a formal dining room w/skylight and a wet bar; beam & wood plank high ceiling; travertine stone floors; granite; an updated modern kitchen; a fabulous octagonal breakfast room with large windows overlooking the water; and an entertainment patio directly on the lake with a private pool, a BBQ station, and a lower level boat dock for your private boat. This Las Brisas guard gated community also features two community pools, a community and social club, and tennis courts. There are no other property like this one on Lake Serena in Scottsdale, Arizona. Buyer-brokers welcomed.

For all inquiries, please contact me, Richard Bazinet, Realty ONE Group, 602-300-7007.

#Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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