Saturday, December 20, 2014

Automation In Your Phoenix Scottsdale Home With Nest Thermostat


I'm impressed at the speed at which new home-related technology is being introduced in the market for your home, from internet wireless antennas built into your AC outlets, to automatic watering systems, wireless flat screen televisions, wireless streaming music systems, automated alarm and camera systems, to the feature this month... automation in thermostats to control your HVAC system like the Nest Thermostat now integrated with Google Now.

It's a neat trick and an awesome feature. Open up Google Now on Android or the Google app on iOS and tell Google to set your Nest Thermostat to 70 degrees. If you do that, Google Now will recognize you're talking about the Nest smart thermostat and will adjust the temperature in your home. Once that's done controlling the temperature at home is as easy as saying, "Ok Google."

If Google Now can detect when you're close to home, for example, Nest can more accurately adjust its schedule to suit you. Google Now will ping your thermostat and get your home prepared for your arrival. When this happens a Google Now card will show up on your devices to alert you to what's going on.

How cool is that? One day, I expect technology will such that as soon as you walk into your home, you'll open-talk to your house and say things like "Computer, turn on the lights in master bedroom, play New Orleans jazz in kitchen, turn on the TV to channel 43, start my shower, turn up the AC to 72, make me a cup of coffee...."

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate