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Cool Fall/Winter House Fix-Ups To Lighten Up Your Life

Cool Fall/Winter House Fix-Ups To Lighten Up Your Life

Here's a few cool and fun tips that really adds up from the old-school stuff.

Almost every home has GFCI outlets for safety purposes. Those letters, of course, stand for “ground fault circuit interrupter.” It’s an electrical outlet that prevents someone from being shocked in a kitchen or bath if an appliance plugged in an outlet malfunctions or gets wet. There are usually the outlets with the very small green stickers on them.

•  Now you can buy GFCIs with built-in mini-night-lights. Having an all-in-one night-light plus GFCI means you’ll have more plug-in spaces available for other devices. If you are taking out a GFCI to install one of these new lights, be sure that the new outlet you install is also a GFCI or you could shut down some of the protection system in a kitchen or bath.

•  Is it sometimes hard to find an outlet in a room where you can plug in your cellphone? Some new outlets now let you charge your smartphone and sometimes a laptop without even using an adaptor. You simply plug into vertical USB ports in these receptacles that can also have traditional plug holes. How cool is that?

These devices have a smart chip that recognizes and optimizes the charging power of your phone or laptop. You can charge two phones or computers simultaneously. These charging slots are available on GFCIs as well as on standard receptacles.

•  Also think about installing motion sensor lighting -- outdoor lights that come on in your yard anytime someone walks up to the house can increase safety and security. At the hardware store, you can buy a standard motion sensor fixture to replace almost any lighting fixture on the exterior of your home. Buy a sturdy metal fixture -- not a plastic one that will crack in Arizona’s dry heat.

You can install these devices by yourself provided you educate yourself a little bit about the basics of electricity and use some safety devices like voltage detectors or testers. But don’t hesitate to call an electrician if you don’t feel up to the job.

The No. 1 rule to remember: Before installing any new outlet or receptacle you have to turn off the circuit breaker for the area of the outlet at the electrical panel for your home. Then use a voltage tester to ensure power is off. Otherwise, it shall coma to as a shock to you....After removing the outlet cover plate, poke the tester against the wires inside to double-check that the power is off.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Curb Appeal To Sell

Curb Appeal - The #1 Item To Make Your Home Marketable & Sell


The Curb appeal of your home is the #1 feature of your home that makes it more marketable, and eventually making it sell. It makes a first good impression, which sets the tone at the outset. It makes the most significant impact on the marketability of the home.

So, how to go about this? Here the ways to give your house a fresh new marketable look:

Replace or refinish your front door: When you first bought your house, you really loved that majestic wooden front door. But now it’s looking a little dull due to exposure to the Arizona sun. It needs to be sanded down and refinished. Consider changing the color of the stain for a whole new look to the front of your home! A new decent front door at a major hardware retailer is $500 to $1,000, which can bring back more than that in an offer on your property.

Replace the old hardware on your front door and possibly replace the lighting fixtures: Once you have that good as new door, you want to replace the old, chipped hardware as well. Don’t look for the cheapest door handle and deadbolt lock. And get one with a finish that will last a long time in the Arizona sun. As well, you need to match the light fixtures with the the door hardware.
New windows: If the windows in the front of your home are shabby, replace them as well. You don’t have to change every room in the house if you can’t afford it. Do the ones out front and do the rest later when your budget will allow it. Some studies show replacing all your windows with midrange aluminum-clad wood models can recoup most of that investment if you sell your house. And make those window vendors compete for your business. In this case, it pays to shop.

Install new outdoor lighting:  Redo the lighting for your yard and the front of your house, preferably by installing new LED fixtures. Path lights with LED bulbs come with the bulbs inside just as halogen systems do. These lights are 2 watts each and give off about as much light as a 20-watt incandescent or halogen bulb. Using LEDs will cast a kind of warm glow that will make your home look more inviting. LEDs will cost more, but they will pay for themselves with the savings on electricity.

Replace your old cracked driveway or sidewalks with concrete pavers:  I’m a big fan of pavers because they are so permanent. They’re also easy to change out if a few of them get cracked or stained. Usually, you have to tear out the old driveway and walkway first, but sometimes you can do it without the demo. If that sounds more up your alley, check out Belgard's overlay pavers!

Cover an older home or the older part of the home with stucco:  If you have a home built in the 1960s or 1970s with wood panel siding and brick or stone trim, you can get a completely new, desert-style look by covering the whole house with stucco. The siding and brick don’t have to be removed, but the vertical trim pieces that hold the siding together at corners and joints do have to be removed. Then the stucco is applied with pop-out trim framing around the windows.


Cars parked in the driveway. Nothing gives a bad impression to the curb appeal than a bunch of cars parked in the driveway. The driveway should be clear of cars, and the cars should be in the garage.

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Service For Life Magazine November Edition Business Of The Month

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As published in Richard Bazinet's November 2014 Service For Life Newsletter...

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Business Of The Month…

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News Alert: Your Free November Phoenix Scottsdale Digital Service For Life Magazine Is Now Live!

News Alert: Your Free November Phoenix Scottsdale Digital Service For Life Magazine Is Now Live!


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