Tuesday, October 22, 2013

10 Easy & Cheap Fixes To Improve Curb Appeal & Boost Home Value To Sell

10 Easy & Cheap Fixes To Improve Curb Appeal & Home Value To Sell

By investing $100 (or even less) in these outdoor fixes, your home will look better, the curb appeal will dramatically increase, cost less to maintain and your house will sell for more! That's right, this is an insider tip from your Realtor...

1. Freshen up the front door. Big return on your investment here. Consider repainting it a bold pop-out color with new fresh hardware with matching new house numbers.

2. Install solar lights. Outdoor lights add a whole new dimension at night.

3. Plant perennials. It says "welcome" and we care.

4. Fix the front yard. Rake the rocks for a even finish, add more where needed or patched. Same with a yard with a grass patch, fix the bare and weak spots and make it green. Trim the bushes.

5. Patch the driveway and sidewalks. Fill and cover the huge cracks and gaps.

6. Check the roof for missing tiles and mortar. The roof is part and parcel of the presentation of the property.

7. Upgrade your mailbox. If it is beaten, tilted or tired, time to get a new one. The mailbox is the very first thing people and BUYERS notice that creates the first impression to your house.

8. Keep the backyard and the pool clean. If you have a dog, no buyers likes to look at your dog's doo doo in the yard, and least to walk in it by accident. Same with the pool, make it inviting by keeping it nice, blue and crisp. A regular pool service is rather inexpensive if you can't do it yourself.

9. Keep you patio clean and free of debris. Get yourself a blower as it takes a few minutes to blow the desert dust from your patio - front and back.

10. Keep the driveway and the front of the house clear. Have extra vehicles? You really need to find a parking resolution. No cars or trucks parked anywhere else than the driveway. And try to keep them away from the front of the house. If you keep and extra vehicle, make sure it's not a renovation project.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

10 Easy & Cheap Fixes To Improve Curb Appeal & Home Value To Sell