Friday, May 24, 2013

9 Ways To Make Your Home Sell Faster

So you want to sell your home faster for the best possible price, terms and conditions? As the real estate market continues to improve, potential buyers are coming out in droves.

So here are 9 Ways To Make Your Home Sell Faster.

1 - Get yourself a great Realtor to list your home.

I mean an experienced and competent Realtor.  Ah, how do you go about this? Easy... Make sure the competent Realtor provides you with a home marketing plan. For example, I provide to all my clients with my Ultimate 22-Step Listing Plan Marketing Program©™That Sells Homes. The Realtor does not have a plan? Pass.

The Realtor tells you they are a neighborhood specialist? Ask yourself if it actually means anything and what competitive advantage it means to you if the Realtor 'only' works that area, because they usually live in the neighborhood which could be a huge conflict of interest. Typically, it's just an empty sales pitch. Rather, go for the plan.

2 - Price with round numbers

For example, often homes are prices at $399,000. If a consumer looking in the $400K to $500K price range, there's a good chance the buyer-agent and the buyer will completely miss some very nice homes and yours included listed at $399K.  As well, at $399,000, you are at the top range of a $375,000 buyer to negotiate you down because they like your house but cannot not afford the full list price. But for a $450,000 buyer, you are less likely to be down negotiated because you are in the price range they can afford.

3 - Don't skimp on photos

As the most valued feature of real estate websites, photographs of the home turn lookers into visitors. So make them count. You can't have too many photos as long as they're great, but have at least eight great 'quality' photos that feature the best characteristics of your home - photos that sell. Photos need to be reviewed and analysed before they're posted, but they should include an exterior front, main living area, kitchen, bedrooms and master bath.

4 - Storage space sells

Roomy closets and other storage space ranks among today's most desired features, especially with younger people who typically buy boomers' homes. Problem is, many boomers live in older homes with limited storage space. So remove excess seasonal clothing from closets and 'color-code' what's left on the sides to make small spaces look larger and more organized — with empty hangers in the middle.

Shelving units or organizers in walk-in closets are a fast-growing must-have — and worth their $200 price tag. Also, pare down kitchen cabinets and remove drain cleaners and other products that may indicate potential problems.

5 - Know the eight-second rule

In that time, many buyers decide whether they'll buy the home, so a good impression from the curb count significantly. For better curb appeal, ensure that the lawn and entryway look neat and crisp. Front door nice and clean. And plant yellow flowers. Studies show that yellow excites and stimulates buying. The home must say welcome!

6 - Get a pre-sale home inspection

One big reason why deals fall through:  unexpected and potentially costly problems are discovered in a buyer's inspection. The inspection lets buyers know about potential problems "and what could be negotiated. If the report is positive, then showing them to prospective buyers can be a great marketing tool. Fixing the problem before it is identified as a problem is the way to go for top dollar on the sale of your home. You don't pass on the problems to the next buyer unless this is reflected in your price.

7 - Painting pays

Fresh paint provides the best bang for your buck, so apply a fresh coat to walls and even ceilings. Bright white ceilings enhance perceived height and natural light. For wall colors, think of adding an accent wall with the right wall which will draw the eyes.

8 - Offer financial incentives

Many sellers offer to prepay taxes and HOA, closing costs and home warranties. But it may cost less to offer to pay for a year's landscaping, pool cleaning or maid service — before negotiations begin. For example, if you have a great garden, people respond to it … and immediately think, 'Oh, so much work....' So remove any potential problem by offering up front to make that beautiful garden come with a gardener for a year.

9 - Price right.

Price right, sell right. If you overprice or build yourself a 'negotiating cushion', you eliminate ready buyers.

Richard Bazinet - Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

9 Ways To Make Your Home Sell Faster