Tuesday, April 23, 2013

2 Good Reasons to Go LED

2 Good Reasons to Go LED

Can't easily access those light bulbs in canned light fixtures in your vaulted ceilings that keep burning out every year? Tired of landscape lights burning out all the time? Or want to save significant $$ on your power bill? Whatever your situation, you should consider LEDs (light emitting diodes).

LED technology is quickly growing more popular for lighting up our great Arizona indoors and outdoors. The lights last longer than incandescent/halogen or CFLs (compact fluorescent). The standard warranty for LEDs is 10-15 years, some now up to 25 years. These lights don’t burn out; they just dim out.

You can save significantly on the energy you use as well. Instead of using a 20 to 100 watt incandescent/halogen lights, you can use a 2- to 5-watt LED light system. Though a system of LED lights cost more, the electricity savings could quickly help pay for the difference. Lighting experts estimate that an LED system can return your investment in one to 3 years. In addition, prices of these lights drop all the time as technology improves.

Great color options are available. Use warm white LEDs for the interior to cooler bluer lights to provide a strong focus for on particular features you want to highlight, such the signature plants in your yard – like saguaros and giant agaves, or the art in your home.

Can I Install Myself?
For most interior light fixtures, all you need to do is to replace the bulbs.  For design augmentations, If you are experienced with electricity, you might be able to install an LED system. Some parts of the job are tricky, though, and you may want a qualified electrician to do the wiring. Just be sure to buy your system or lights from a reputable dealer or reseller.

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2 Good Reasons to Go LED