Sunday, March 3, 2013

Are You A Renter?

If so, it’s time to put you into YOUR home. Even if you had a short sale, a foreclosure or a bankruptcy.


Ever thought how much you pay in rent over an extended period of time? Probably a lot more than you realize.  The amount you spend on rent could be applied to a mortgage, not only building equity in your own property [in the home you currently live or a different one], but – in most cases – substantially reducing the federal and state income taxes you pay each year.

And what happens with your rent money? It’s gone, no equity, no return. Zero. Zilch.

And you know what else?

Ø      Your mortgage payment may be lower than the rent you currently pay.

Ø      Home prices have increased by about 30% in 2012 in Maricopa County. If 2013 follows suit, then they will increase again at a similar rate or perhaps more. If you own, you participate in this equity growth for yourself – not someone else. If you rent, you don’t – you just pay the landlord’s mortgage and help the landlord build equity.

Ø      Monthly rental prices are also on their way up.

Ø      Mortgage loan interest rates are historically low for now – you may be surprised at what you can afford. But those rates will rise – that’s guaranteed. So time to lock-in while they are at lowest ever. A 1% rise in interest rates is the same as tens of thousands of dollars on the price of the home.

Ø      So who knows – perhaps your current landlord may even be interested in selling you the home you currently occupy.

I’m not a mortgage lender, so I’m not trying to sell you a loan. I’m a professional realtor, and I can help you acquire a home – that’s what I do. And I can recommend you to the best lender in the business to help you out in your particular situation.

To determine your home-buying ability, call or email me.  The consultation is free and confidential – no strings attached. There is no cost to get pre-qualified with my preferred lenders. So make the call today!

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