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5 Reasons To Measure and Measure Again Before You Buy New Appliances For Your Home

5 Reasons To Measure and Measure Again Before You Buy New Appliances For Your Home

So you buying this new house or you are planning to or in the process of closing escrow? Getting ready to buy a new range, refrigerator, dishwasher or washer/dryer? 

Now, here's something I see in my practice that's rapidly becoming a common occurrence with resale homes that have been remodeled and or renovated with brand new kitchens and laundry rooms. 

A lot of those resale remodeled or renovated homes in Phoenix Scottsdale are sold without the appliances in place.  And the last thing the remodeling contractor had in mind was the custom fitting of your new appliances. Sure, space was designed for the appliances, but will they fit?

Make sure the new model of any appliance you buy will fit the space you want to put it in. 8 times out of 10 you'll notice the appliances don't fit in the space planned for it. Measure your space twice, not just once. Maybe you even have to go back home once you find what you want and measure your space against the specs for the new stove, diswasher, refrigerator or washer/dryer.

You see, refrigerators, for example, now come in different sizes, and with doors with hinges that open either from the outside or from the inside, and some have the wheels at the bottom versus the adjustable feet. Stoves come in different configurations and the most difficult being the slide-ins. Washers and dryers have changed the most with the the different sizes and types such as top-load or front load, attached pedestal storage cabinets or drawers, ans installed side-by-side on one on top of the other.

One special issue is replacing a dishwasher; if you've replaced a floor and/or the cabinets, and changed the size of the space that the dishwasher fits into, you may have to be sure you choose a shorter model or you may have to remove the new floor tiles in order to slide in the new appliance.

If you’re buying a new stove or a new dryer after many years of owning your home, check on whether the electricity and the connections in your home fit the appliance or you may have to upgrade your electrical panel and make adaptive changes to your connectors. Find out if you need changes in a gas or water supply line for new appliances. Old suply lines and valves typically need to be changes as well!

And will the new fancy microwave/fan combo you want to hang over your cook-top hang down too close to the burners? If so, you’d better double-check the space and how your cabinets were installed.

AND If you haven’t shopped for appliances in a few years, you’ll find a lot of surprising and intriguing features in the marketplace - everything from washing machines that “talk” to dryers via electronic messages to ovens that control aromas. You can buy espresso machines that you can build into your cabinets. These devices not only grind coffee beans and pump in the water; they also clean themselves after they brew your coffee favorite.

But the more tricks that appliances do, the more parts there are that can break - a tad problematic when they are built-in to your cabinets. That doesn't mean these devices aren't reliable, but it is an issue to consider.

If you have a regular service firm, find out if it will repair the brand you plan to buy. Some repair companies don’t work on new foreign-made appliances, for example, mainly because the parts for these products can take a long time to get.

If you have a trusted repair service company, have them give you advice on which appliances are more reliable and easier to repair.

And you are really stuck, call or email me for a referral to competent appliance repair providers.

Richard Bazinet, Realty ONE Group - Phoenix Scottsdale Real Estate

5 Reasons To Measure and Measure Again Before You Buy New Appliances For Your Home